What tags should be used in JSDoc3 for void methods that “return” by setting values?

Keywords: reactjs documentation es6-class jsdoc3


I am documenting methods within a React Component using JSDoc3. Because I am using React Components all values "passed into" the method are through the props and the value "returned" is really an attribute that is set.

What are the correct tags to document this?

   * updateRows
   * @this Row
   * @property {string[]} data - array of strings to be made into rows of text elements.
   * @returns {JSX[]} JSX element array of rows to be rendered.
  updateRows() {
    const {data} = this.props;

    let arr = data.map((d, i) => {
        <text key={i}>

    this.rows = arr;

I want to clearly show that the method requires the "data" prop to have an input and that it creates an output array that can be accessed, but currently it looks like it returns said array, which it does not.