Set local storage in Cypress

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For one of our applications, I need to set local storage in order to bypass the login page process.

I have the following function that will return the accessToken that I need to set. This function works when running in node.

async function getAccessToken(email, pwd) {
    const form = {email: email, password: pwd};
    let config = {
        headers: {
            'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8',
    const accessToken = await`${process.env.API_URL}/loginWithToken`, qs.stringify(form), config);

I'm trying to create a cypress command that will set local storage, then visit the application. When running, I get an error that I returned a promise from a command while also invoking one or more cy commands in that promise.

Cypress.Commands.add("logInAs", async(Useremail, Userpwd, TMURL) => {
    var accessToken = cy.task('getAccessToken', {email: Useremail, pwd: Userpwd
    }).then(Visit =>{
        window.localStorage.setItem("accessToken", accessToken);
        window.localStorage.setItem("refreshToken", accessToken);

I've also tried the following cypress command


Cypress.Commands.add('logInAs3', (Useremail, Userpwd, TMURL) => {
            method: 'POST',
            url: `${process.env.API_URL}/loginWithToken`,
            body: {
                user: {
                    email: Useremail,
                    password: Userpwd,
            .then((resp) => {
                cy.visit(`${process.env.TM_API_URL}/`+TMURL+``, {failOnStatusCode: false})

But I get the following error. The URL I need to post to in order to get the access token, is a different domain than the base url. So using the base in the post will not work for me.

cy.request() must be provided a fully qualified url - one that begins with 'http'. By default cy.request() will use either the current window's origin or the 'baseUrl' in cypress.json. Neither of those values were present.