Reading the Forwarded Events from the Event Viewer

Keywords: c# event-viewer


I want the parse throw the Forwarded Events in the Event Viewer to get an overview about the last 12 hours. This is not a problem when using the application or system log. But when I try the same with the Forwarded Events log it throws an error.

Error Message:

System.InvalidOperationException: The event log 'ForwardedEvents' on computer '.' does not exist

The way I get the Logs at the moment:

EventLog systemLog = new EventLog("System");
EventLog forwardedLog = new EventLog("ForwardedEvents");

So I tried changing the ForwardedEvents to "system\forwardedevents", "Forwarded Events" but this also did not work.

I noticed that if I' using the following the the Forwarded Events don't show up.


Is there any other way to read the Event Viewer?