React-native using same component with it's state on multiple screens

Keywords´╝Ü javascript reactjs react-native react-redux react-native-video


I am having a video player component created using react-native-video. As of now I am diaplaying the video player with same source and current played time on 3 different screens using parent state and passing the values down as props in navigation. I am able to achieve the goal. But the method I implemented creates 3 different video players with it's own state, Because I need to pause the first video player if the user click the video in news feed and display the video with comments in second screen with the same state of the played video. PS: I am developing a social media app. The main problem I am having is with video buffering. The video is fully buffered on first player and when I call the second one it buffers again. So I am thinking using same video player component created in first screen and referring it on other screens. I need to know is the above mentioned technique is possible in react-native. Or is there any way to save the buffered cache of react-native-video in state or redux.

I tried creating the video player component in parrent and passed it via props but it also created different players.