Or problems in python

Keywords: python python-3.x


i'm hard coding a profanity filter and i've got a problem the list of words are not being registered the code only realizes the first word in the list i don't know why its doing this please help

i dont know why it isnt working

one = input('=[Is the teacher good]= ')
if one == "yes":
    input('What makes the teacher good? ')

    input('How does the teacher teach? ')

    input('Are the other students good? ')

elif one in ["fuck"or"shit"or"damn"...]:
    print("please don't use profanity")

elif one == "no":
    input('Why is the teacher bad? ')

    input('What causes the teacher to be bad ? ')

    input('Do other people think the teacher is bad? ')

it only registers the first word and also wont register the word in a sentence