Is it possible to have children routes and route-views in vuepress?

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I'm trying to have a children route-view inside my main page, and can't find a way to accomplish this in vuepress.

This is how I would normally accomplish this in Vue, in router.js

    routes: [
            path: '/',
            name: 'home',
            component: Home,
            children: [
                    path: '/work/:worktitle',
                    name: 'workpage',
                    // component: () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "about" */ './views/WorkView.vue'),

                    component: WorkView,
                    props: true

But I don't know where can I put such code in vuepress. (no router.js)

I am trying to accomplish this because I'm trying to have a collection of links in my homepage, and when clicked, I'd like to have the pages of those links rendered as a modal without going to a new page. But I'd like to retain the ability to link directly to these modals.