How to “sort” colors of a particular hue

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So if I use randomColor to generate a pretty random variation of "green", I get this for example:

enter image description here

This is a bit chaotic for my liking, I would instead like to get a list of green colors that have some sort of order or sorting to them. That look like they flow into each other. Something more like this:

enter image description here

The question is what principles are being used to sort the colors in that way. I would like to know how I could go about building a grid of colors that would look more pleasant than a random assortment of colors of a specific hue.

The code I used is simply this:

var randomColor = require('randomcolor')

var input = process.argv[2]
var colors = randomColor({
  count: 20,
  hue: input

If it makes a difference, I would like to be able to specify the number of rows and columns to divide the colors into as well. Any language or pseudocode would be fine to figure this out, but seeing it in JavaScript, especially if it involves bit manipulation like bitshifts, would be helpful but not necessary.

This doesn't quite seem to do what I want.


(Not intending this to be a full code inclusive answer)

Your greens in the second image, across the top run from a blue green to a yellow green. In practical terms this means the top left green is “0 red, maybe 255 green and 200 blue”. At the other side, in the top right, it’s maybe “200 red, 255 green, 0 blue”. (I would have made these more accurate by using a colour detector but I’m on a phone)

Descending down the rows they’re tending towards black by reducing the r g b values, so for the middle row they might go from rgb 0,127,100 to rgb 100,127,0

Algorithmically, though this might be easier to do by using hsv colours rather than rgb, as the columns across go from some higher hue to a lower hue and the rows downwards tend from a high value to a low value. This would probably be easier to implement than doing the rgb math as you just need to accept a hue that will vary from maybe h+40 to h-40 (from a full wheel of 360) and a matrix (and you probably will need to ask for rows and columns not just 20, otherwise how will you know to output 5x4 or 4x5)