How to find all commits reachable from HEAD that were committed after a specific commit hash?

Keywords: git


I'm trying to pull all files that have changed in git on a specific branch starting with a specific commit.

I don't care about ancestry, only that it's reachable from HEAD.

In essence, I'm trying to build a list of files that have been updated, modified, and deleted since commit X (since means in terms of date/time) so I can do things with these files.

I don't care if commit B is technically reachable from commit A. I only care that commit B was pushed after commit A and is reachable from HEAD.

Another way to think about what I'm doing is that I want to do a cp -R on every file that's been added or modified in the git repo since the date/time that a specific commit was pushed.

Currently I'm doing the following, but it doesn't look right to me:

git log --pretty=oneline --ancestry-path 05de9827fe31905b7ef98f3bbe331e922977de4d..master --date-order

Can anyone give me hints/tips on how to do this? Everything I've read about the 2 and 3 dot notation is about excluding things based upon reachability, and this is specifically not what I want.

However, I'm also not the strongest git person so if I'm misunderstanding I'm more than happy to be educated on this.