Git hub path in bash command-Jenkins

Keywords: git batch-file jenkins github webpagetest


Im implementing Webpagetest api using script insteads of passing url along with the command.

Instead of

 webpagetest test "" -k XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I use webpagetest test "D:\Jmeter\WebPageTestAPI\webpagetestApiMaster\test\fixtures\script.txt" -k XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

script contains

Im now implementing

can anyone tell me how can i pass /webpagetest-api/tree/master/test/fixtures/script.txt as i used above. in command when i have github repo.

when i tried

webpagetest test "" -k XXXXXXX

the data in script.txt is not used..insted itself was considered as URL.

Hope my question is clear ..if not please let me know.